One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

Hello guys! ^_^
I told you in one of my previous posts that we went to Himmelbjerget (a hill in Denmark), and I showed you guys the boattrip to Himmelbjerget but I never showed you Himmelbjerget since I didn’t want to post a lot of pictures in one post. So I had to divide the post to smaller ones. So here are the pictures on our way to Himmelbjerget and the view from Himmelbjerget as well: 
 photo SAM_4063_zpsqtq5oair.jpg
 photo SAM_4061_zpsuf2enz0k.jpg
 photo SAM_4046_zpsthmoukpk.jpg
 photo SAM_4059_zpszh3edfpc.jpg
 photo SAM_4028_zpshsvwq7jv.jpg
 photo SAM_4032_zpsu6lyooqb.jpg
 photo SAM_4033_zpsbuckmdwv.jpg
 photo SAM_4087-2_zpsxe4omjuf.jpg
 photo SAM_4112-3_zpsagg1dbga.jpg
 photo SAM_4115-2_zpsbwen88g0.jpg
 photo SAM_4116_zps5t0c0t4t.jpg
 photo SAM_4041_zpsrn5lcski.jpg

 photo SAM_4044_zps6vnnpzsk.jpg
 photo SAM_4047_zps7hhdihc5.jpg

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