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Hello guys! 
It’s time for a new outfit post once again. This time I wanted to “experiment” a little. Nothing fancy though. I bought this coat for some months ago but then summer came so I didn’t really use it. Now that it is fall I can use it though. So I just tried it on to see how it looks on me. Since I’m not that tall I do feel like I need some heals to work this coat personally. I feel it looks better with a bit more height ^_^ I wanted the look to be a little casual and relaxed even thought I’m wearing this coat so that’s why it looks the way it does. Let me show you: 
Today’s Outfit:
Coat: Vila // T-Shirt: Kulasingam København // Jeans: Pieces // Boots: H&M 

 photo IMG_2292_zpskdlpx29y.jpg
 photo IMG_2285_zpsdfkz5ity.jpg
 photo IMG_2297_zpsdykzk6tf.jpg
 photo IMG_2299_zpsgvhex6a0.jpg
 photo IMG_2298_zpsqtfnydkx.jpg
 photo IMG_2301_zpsk9cxgqpj.jpg
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