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If you guys have followed mycafe101 for some time you might know that we collaborated with Kulasingam København about a year ago where we introduced you for the brand and also the purpose of Kulasingam København. You can read all about it here. For some months ago they released a new t-shirt that we got sent named “Airi” and I thought I would share it with you guys and show you different ways I would style it. I already made a “how to wear“-post for the previous T-shirt so in this post I’m focusing on just the t-shirt and not the whole look.  New posts will be up in which the focus will be how I personally would wear the t-shirt. Today I just want to share some shot of the t-shirt.

 photo IMG_2248_zpsss2w8msq.jpg
 photo IMG_2237_zpsukpq2h44.jpg
 photo IMG_2244_zps1p2lca06.jpg
 photo IMG_2235_zpsxdcuiobz.jpg
 photo IMG_2208-2_zpsicjlrgyb.jpg
 photo IMG_2197_zpsgjaumuzw.jpg
 photo IMG_2240_zpsnypgvqqf.jpg
 photo IMG_2247_zpsjms0y8bz.jpg
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Also feel free to check out their website: to know more about the brand and what they do!



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