Kulasingam KBH: How To Wear

Hello guys! :)

As we have mentioned before on the blog we are collaborating with the brand Kulasingam KBH. If you wanna know more about the brand and the collaboration you can check out our previous post by clicking here. And also if you want the t-shirt and support Børnecancerfonden(= A fund that supports children with cancer) then click here.  :)

With that said I told you guys in the previous post that I will do an outfit-post where I share with you guys how you can wear the t-shirt :D And I have about 3-4 outfits to show you and then also som additional outfits like where I wear different jackets and also I tried to mix the t-shirt with heels. I wanted both chill casual looks and some more feminin looks as well. Let me show you :)

Outfit 1: 
T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Leggins: Gina Tricot // Sneakers: Adidas
 photo IMG_6233_zpsrz5in2ds.jpg

Outfit 2:
T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Jeans: Only // Sneakers: Adidas
 photo IMG_6274_zpswfbdtdsb.jpg

 photo IMG_6275_zpshywvewzh.jpg

 photo IMG_6286_zpszdfuyhri.jpg
Outfit 3:
Jeans: Boohoo // T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Sneakers: Vans
 photo IMG_6307_zpstdz53vod.jpg

 photo IMG_6308_zpsav6xezws.jpg

 photo IMG_6310_zpsfhtgiiub.jpg
Outfit 4:
T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Skirt: ZARA // tights: H&M // Sneakers: Adidas
 photo IMG_6362_zps7xlyzrgp.jpg

 photo IMG_6401_zpsttitwyfh.jpg
T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Skirt: ZARA // tights: H&M // Heels: H&M

 photo IMG_6392_zpspd7e4tsy.jpg

 photo IMG_6387_zpsnmws0jxd.jpg

T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Skirt: ZARA // tights: H&M // Heels: H&M // Coat: ONLY

 photo IMG_6405_zpsntt9ednj.jpg

 photo IMG_6429_zpsazvbm8h2.jpg

 photo IMG_6432_zpsusx7qwzx.jpg

 photo IMG_6417_zpspwkhwv1c.jpg

T-shirt: Kulasingam KBH // Skirt: ZARA // tights: H&M // Heels: H&M // Jacket: Asos

 photo IMG_6449_zpst5rezimf.jpg

 photo IMG_6460_zpsdxhhx5kt.jpg

 photo IMG_6474_zpspxmgvrah.jpg

Those are some of the ways I would pair it up! I hope you guys like it and let us know how you would style the t-shirt as well! <3 :)
Take Care <3 

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