The Donut Factory

Hello guys! 
Well I’m still not done with Malta posts because I’m so slow and there are so many other things I also want to share with you guys so I’m gonna take my time. I think I still am gonna post 2-3 posts more about Malta but we will see ;) This is actually a very random post but I feel like I really want to share this Donut Factory with you guys because this is one the places we were hanging out the most beside the hotel I think. 
We had this donut factory beside our Hotel and we went there to eat breakfast most of the days and also bought lunch there too. And I loved it. I loved hanging there, I loved their food. Especially their baguettes were amazing and also the donuts!! And I was kinda addicted to their orange juice, dont ask me why -.- but it was good! So somehow I feel like this Donut Factory was a big part of our Malta trip so I had to post about it :) 

 photo IMG_1589_zpspsm3ekkq.jpg
 photo IMG_1592_zpsybcd3elw.jpg
 photo IMG_1842_zpseskkrgt6.jpg
 photo IMG_1847_zpsyfhy0jh4.jpg
 photo IMG_1867_zpsexu6ruqc.jpg
 photo IMG_1870_zpsmpqzufxg.jpg
I tried this rainbow cake for the first time in my life and I gotta admit… it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong: It’s BEAUTIFUL. But there wasn’t much about the taste or anything that I actually enjoyed as much as the baguettes, donuts and the orange juice :P But it was nice to try and I’m not gonna buy that again :P I couldn’t eat the whole cake alone and it tasted like a normal icing cake which if you are Tamil you will know we all get every year for our birthday as kids -.- so.. yeah.. I mean I’m not that much into icing cake soooo :P But again; I’m glad I tried it ;) 

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