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Hello guys! 
About a week ago I got to take some maternity photos of one of my friends which was an amazing experience. I’m an amateur photographer. I dont even call myself a photographer. But this was so fun to do! It was so exciting and we had a great time taking these photos. I’m not going to post the maternity shoots actually because it’s something personal. Beside the photography part I also got to do her makeup for the photos and I tried to take some “beauty shots”-ish too. I did her makeup except for the brows cause that part.. I’m telling you.. was a struggle itself xD So she did her brows herself! ;) Never have I been good at doing my own brows so doing someone else brows felt like an impossible thing to do. I don’t get how all those makeup artists do it. Cause everyone has difference brow shapes, face shapes etc. so yeah :P
Here are some of the photos I got to take outside. I also have a part 2 where we got to take photos with a white background instead but I will post those in another post ;) 
 photo IMG_2044-2_zpsfrmgcban.jpg
 photo IMG_2044-3_zpsij9zrg5k.jpg
 photo IMG_2036_zps95dxiayc.jpg
 photo IMG_2028_zpszz2wffsn.jpg
 photo IMG_1994_zpsyjmj0hfq.jpg
 photo IMG_1991_zpsbcsiph0y.jpg
 photo IMG_1988_zpshawyxp8s.jpg
 photo IMG_1987_zpscx9i1qi8.jpg
 photo IMG_1984_zpswbrpxkpi.jpg
 photo IMG_1962_zpsl3zpj8ns.jpg
 photo IMG_1967_zpszoqtk5dl.jpg
 photo IMG_1961_zpspca8d0qu.jpg
 photo IMG_1928-2_zps4mnnjg97.jpg

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