December Diary – It’s Friday

Hello guys!
I just got home to my parents’s place and I’m preparing for a study weekend. I have three mini projects and two big reports that has to be done throughout next week. This weekend has to be productive and I have to do my best to stay motivated and focused. I’m really tired and exhausted today. I think it’s the weather and transport. Taking the train sometimes makes me so exhausted even though I’m just sitting and pretty much doing nothing. I had class today and then I just went home and packed, ate lunch and then I had to get going. After arriving at my parents’s place I’ve been chilling for about an hour now since I had to eat dinner and then also planning what to study and how to study. After this blogpost I have to get going with studying again and see if I can get a lot of study-related stuff done today so I don’t have to stress later. 

 photo IMG_5410_zpstkntq1ln.jpg
 photo IMG_5412_zpsnhg3oi5p.jpg
 photo IMG_5414_zps5lx8a56s.jpg
 photo IMG_5421_zpsabqnuhgb.jpg
 photo IMG_5424_zpseunjsyb7.jpg

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