No Rain, No Flowers

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago I was at my parents’s place and I started fooling around with the camera and with the sarees I have back home. I love simple sarees and I love the combination of black, red and white sarees so I wanted to experiment photographing with such a saree. I’m still working on the photography skills but this is what I took:
 photo IMG_4797_zps45d6rvav.jpg
 photo IMG_4795_zps6ffcvvkn.jpg
 photo IMG_4804_zpskrdlmhzs.jpg
I wanted to keep the makeup very minimal and focus on the earnings and saree instead. So I used a powder, lipgloss, some highlighting cream and bronzer and that’s it.
 photo IMG_4796_zpslzsa2ch6.jpg
 photo IMG_4813_zps6rnllu7p.jpg
 photo IMG_4824_zpslxuetjqk.jpg
 photo IMG_4830_zpst8ygwncc.jpg

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