December Diary – Home Sweet Home

Hello guys!

Now that I’m back at my parents’s place I thought it was time to buy a christmas tree since I won’t be back here until 23rd of December. The day started off with my dad and I going out to buy a christmas tree and some decorations for the tree. The last three years we have been buying a real christmas tree but this year we changed our mind: we went for a plastic tree instead. I wasn’t that happy about it at first but now I’m cool with it :P It’s not bad at all. I just feel like having a real christmas tree is just… more magical I guess. It just feels more “real”. I can’t really find the right word for it :P But I am kinda happy with the one we have now though ;)

Beside decorating I’ve been studying a lot today and I’m so exhausted. I did take some breaks to do something christmassy stuff but I’ve been studying for at least 8 hours or more today. I’m not 100 % satisfied with my productivity today but it was not that bad either ;) I’ve got some pictures for you of the process of me struggling a little with the christmas tree and also my mom and I did some christmas snack today. We made “havregrynskugler”. I actually don’t know the proper word for it in English but google says “Chokladboll” which is not an english word so I’m confused and google also says “Oatmeal ball” *still confused* so I’m gonna say “havregrynskugler” even though it’s not English :P *bare with me!*. Wiki says it’s a popular Danish confectionary btw! :P

Anyways, these “havregrynskugler” is one of my favorite thing to do for christmas and also it is one of the easiest things to do in general. It takes no time. It is no baking. You just mix it and make them afterwars. It can’t be any easier.

That’s pretty much my day today. Tomorrow is another study day with christmas breaks after every 1 hour or 2 hours :P


 photo IMG_5559_zpsdyuzvj0a.jpg
 photo IMG_5553_zpsyxr0khsp.jpg
 photo IMG_5556_zpsuej89nes.jpg
 photo IMG_5558_zpszpvexycc.jpg
 photo IMG_5595_zpsbn1hlslt.jpg
 photo IMG_5613_zpsvgtwnsrt.jpg
 photo IMG_5615_zpsgp5o6chc.jpg
 photo IMG_5621_zpsla2rnc4o.jpg
 photo IMG_5637_zpsjfqozjip.jpg
 photo IMG_5636_zpssplv14bs.jpg

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