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Hello guys!
Whenever I’m at my parents’s place I tend to look into all the sarees I’ve got and for some time ago I tried to take some photos as well. I was actually just experimenting with sarees, photography and I tried to keep the makeup as natural as I could. I love trying out sarees and I love how it looks. I gotta admit I’m not a big fan of walking in saree though because I personally am struggling with walking in saree :P I wish I could just walk as elegant as everyone else but I don’t feel like it’s that comfortable BUT it is really beautiful though! These are just some of the shots from me experimenting:
 photo IMG_4788_zpsyjzs5wxr.jpg
 photo IMG_4780_zpsixtyzf5b.jpg

 photo IMG_4783_zpsbqqfkgqo.jpg
 photo IMG_4779_zpsm2ztbobn.jpg
 photo IMG_4784_zpsmnulxcb6.jpg


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