December Diary – Sweet Little Sunday

Hello guys!

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous post this weekend was supposed to be a very productive weekend which it kinda was I guess to some extend but I’m not 100 % satisfied even though I did study. I studied a lot throughout this weekend but I also got to do some chill stuff like christmas shopping, decorating the christmas tree, photographing and then eating a lot of christmassy snack and just eating a lot of food in general.

I’ve just been so tired, exhausted and not focused when studying this weekend and I think it’s because I have been studying a lot throughout the last couple of months and then you get to a point where you are just really tired. I just have to be focused for two more weeks and then I have holiday. Two more weeks of studying my a** off shouldn’t be a huge problem. I’ll do my best to stay focused and study hard AND to enjoy December at the same time. It’s funny, you would think that you will get used to having exams and deadlines in December and January after years of studying at university but no. It’s like I never get used to it :P Anyways, this week is over and it has been a great week: productive yet cosy and chill. I’m gonna end this week with some christmassy cosy photos I took today.

As I’ve mentioned earlier I am trying to improve my photography skills, so I’ve been practicing and experimenting a little this weekend every time I had a study break. There are a bunch of photos so I might”reuse” them for some other posts throughout the next two weeks since I know I’ll be busy with five reports the next two weeks and I don’t think I have the time to take new photos (maybe I do, I dont know yet) :)

 photo IMG_5685_zpsrdkcjw38.jpg

 photo IMG_5654_zpslqmyuncx.jpg
 photo IMG_5668_zpshvpk8lak.jpg
 photo IMG_5676_zpsctsgmlf8.jpg

 photo IMG_5688_zpshpl2dj4t.jpg

 photo IMG_5691_zpst5rsoocc.jpg
 photo IMG_5692_zps4qojmzyh.jpg
 photo IMG_5700_zpsvvlpkza4.jpg
 photo IMG_5701_zpsnat10f7q.jpg

 photo IMG_5712_zpshmdhlla1.jpg
 photo IMG_5715_zpsz5ujskv2.jpg

 photo IMG_5720_zpsuezqmv8c.jpg
 photo IMG_5722_zpsof0re0hs.jpg
 photo IMG_5725_zpseales6aa.jpg
 photo IMG_5726_zps7ux93i4t.jpg
 photo IMG_5727_zpsxsdlaul7.jpg
 photo IMG_5729_zpshollvbda.jpg
 photo IMG_5734_zpsm4moygqg.jpg
 photo IMG_5748_zps2tlr1mth.jpg
 photo IMG_5750_zpsaadmwtof.jpg
 photo IMG_5760_zpstonibdqw.jpg


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