Studying…?! Naaah let’s do some facial instead :D <3 My Meditation

So I had this plan about wanting to study hard core this whole weekend except for blogging… but the weekend turned out to be something else… more relaxed and different than what I’ve planned :P I got to relax and chill a lot and got to do some facial and I gotta admit; treating and taking care of yourself feels REALLY good xD It’s like the best “meditation”.. I felt so relaxed and peaceful :P It’s actually nothing big you need to do… a face mask, some facial treatments, nail polish, good music and an amazing movie or series and your day is SAVED… or mine is  :P


2014-02-17 17.31.552014-02-17 18.30.00

Yeaah say hello to my bare face xP

Take good care of yourself <3 ^_^ Tata!!



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