Random Shopping xD

So I went shopping a few times some weeks ago where I got to buy totally random stuff like outfit, products, organizing stuff etc. :P Have a look:

As you can see… totally random :P I bought one top at New Yorker, and then I bought some socks since I always need some extra socks (don’t ask why -_- cause I have no idea). Then I got to buy BB creme, CC creme and a concealer from Gosh (40 % off!!)! I’ve been wanting to try these for months so I’m very excited about that! :D And otherwise I got to buy a new shampoo, makeup sponge, cleansing wipes, “hairband”. Oh yeah on the left beside the foundations is toothbrush organizers/holders xD And then at the right side there is 4 packages of magnets for my fridge!! xD hihi. The letters you can see are stickers I wanna use for my collage!! :D

Let me show you some closer pictures of some of the stuff I’ve bought:

SAMSUNG CSCHere’s a close-up of the foundations I’ve bought. They say that BB creme is a “light” coverage and CC creme is a “lighter” coverage than the BB creme… I hope they are right :P


These four stones are for decoration! I want some more colorful decor in my apartment and I thought these stones were inspiring and cute so why not :D

SAMSUNG CSCAnd these are the magnets I was talking about. I bought flowers, diamonds and hearts xD *yay*


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