Breakfast at Soginy

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago my friends and I were at Soginy’s place for a weekend chilling and I got to try some new stuff that I actually liked! First of all: I realized veggie burgers are not that bad *thanks to Soginyyy* xD
And then she decided to make smoothie bowls Sunday morning and I’ve always kinda assumed that “that’s not really my thing” and smoothies is something you just drink you know. I love drinking smoothies but I found it kinda weird to put my drinks in a bowl and mix it with fruits and stuff. Also putting it like that… it does sound a little weird, doesn’t it? As you can tell by now: I’m really bad at trying out new things that I don’t know much of… XD *bad trait of mine, love to stick to what I already know and like*. BUT I did try the smoothie bowl anyhow and I loved it! I was so impressed (Thanks again Soginy)! So after the trip I’ve made smoothie bowls at home several times. I love it! I need to get out there and try more new food and things in general! XD It was such an awesome satisfying breakfast:


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