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Hello guys!
A few weeks ago I got to meet up with my friends after some time. We decided to spend a weekend together at Soginy’s place. She had prepared so much food when we came and it was so good! Also I got to try veggie burgers for the first time. I gotta admit I was skeptic at the beginning. I don’t mind being vegetarian but eating food that looks like meat and is not meat is weird for me (sorry, no offense, don’t take it personal ^^”) BUT the good news is: I’ve changed my mind though! Cause these veggie burgers was really good! I was really impressed! I have a hard time with no meat-food but I’m getting better and better and it feels good and she did so good with the food and it was so cosy where she lived. We got to relax a lot. I have some more posts coming up from the weekend but for this post I just wanted to share the food and some photos I got to take just outside before leaving for some shopping:


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