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Hello guys!

As I’m getting back on track with studying, blogging, youtube and working towards a healthier lifestyle I thought I would share some study tips with you guys. Lately I’ve been doing my best to enjoy studying a little bit more than usual. I was really tired of studying when I did my BA in software engineering. But after starting at my MSc’s I’ve become more motivated to study harder and do good. These are the tips that has been helping me towards a better study-routine:

1. Keep It Clean

The first thing I do when I have to study is to clean everything around me. When my desk is messy or my apartment is messy I have a harder time to focus on my studies compared to when it is clean. I think it has something to do with setting my mind to study. When I clean and make the environment calm I can focus more and for a longer time.

2. Have a plan

Usually I would have a bunch of to-do’s when it comes to studying and then hope for the best. Now I have 2-3 musts that I have to finish off and then I make sure to do those. I also divide the 2-3 tasks into smaller tasks, so that I can make sure to finish of some of it, if it is a larger project. It is way more motivating to study when you have less to do and you make sure to do it, than having a lot on your plate and stressing yourself out because it’s not realistic to finish everything off.

I have 4 courses this semester. I only focus no one course each day in my weekdays, and it I feel motivated I might focus on two courses. In my weekends I divide the four courses and look at 1-2 courses per day. I prefer dig deeper into one course or two than reading about all four courses at one day. That’s too much for me.

3. Take breaks!

I study 45 minutes and then I take 15 minutes break afterwards. You can sit and focus for hours without any breaks. If you take a break your productivity niveau will be better, so rather work hard 45 min and then do something else for 10-15 minutes. You can do stretches (I wish I did, I dont really, but I should :P). Or you could watch youtube videos (I do that though! :P), or you can check your social medias, get some fresh air, or make yourself some snacks for the next 45 minutes study session. (I use the app 30/30, which is a timer and planning tool)

4. Change your environment

I easily get tired of studying at home or studying at uni at the same place so I try to change things up at bit. Some days I study at my own place when I feel like it, but there are days where I know that if I stay home I’m not going to get things done. I also have days where I study at uni. Uni have different study halls, so I try the different study halls they have and I also sometimes sit at the library at uni as well. If I don’t feel like staying home or studying at uni, I will go out to a café, buy myself a green tea, juice or hot chocolate and I will sit there for hours and study. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I also feel like I want some company to study, and then I’ll make plans with my friends to study together. It definitely helps to change things up a bit I feel like! :)

5. Listen to Study-Music

Some days I really can’t focus. Especially those days where you have class from 8 to 16 and then have to do homework. One of the tools that keeps me calm and make me focus is study music. Spotify has a bunch of study-playlists that I love listening to. It makes me focus even though I’m totally exhausted and also it makes me calm if I feel stressed because of deadlines or such.

Those are the 5 tips I have for you guys for studying. I hope you guys liked it! If you guys have any tips and tricks that you want to share then let me know! I would love to know what you guys do to keep yourself motivated to study!



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