Hello guys!

I’ve got this F.R.I.E.N.D.S t-shirt as a christmas present that I wanted to combine with two different skirts. My actual go-to look for this t-shirt would be skinny high waist black jeans and then this t-shirt. But I wanted to see how it looked with two different skirts that I have, so this was kind of an experimentation. I would say I would prefer the t-shirt with black jeans and maybe a cardigan if it’s too cold, after trying this, but I don’t think it’s totally bad to wear with skirts either :) Let me show you:

  photo IMG_4109_zpsshfxlz2t.jpg
 photo IMG_4081_zpst0cg5edd.jpg
 photo IMG_4129_zpszq3plbaf.jpg
 photo IMG_4077_zps6vbbhfw1.jpg

 photo IMG_4128_zpsigubtpd3.jpg
 photo IMG_4108_zpsr5uzmmnd.jpg


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