My 3 Current Go To Foundations

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Hello guys! 
So let’s talk about foundations today; Ever since I started using foundation I have been stuck with Mac Foundations. Mac Foundations were the ones I got introduced to when I told my friends that I can’t find anything for my skintone. Also Mac Foundations are definitely still one of my favorites but I’ve wanted to see what other brands there are out there that I actually enjoy wearing. 
I’ve picked out 3 current favorites which are the Mac Studio Fix in NC44.5, The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in Honey 055 and the Nars Foundation in the shade Tahoe(Med/dark2). 

Mac Studio Fix NC44.5

The best fact about the Mac Studio Fix is that it is a foundation plus powder aka 2 in 1 kinda product! 
On a chill day where I want a “no-makeup-look” but still want my skin to look even, I always go for the Mac Studio Fix. I also do use the powder to set my other foundations, which works good for me too. 
You can never really go wrong with this product and it is so natural and you can’t tell that you are wearing anything. It has a medium coverage which I think is perfect on a daily basis. 
If I only have 5 minutes to get ready I’ll skip concealer and foundation and go straight with Studio Fix. Love it! It’s so good for an on-the-go-look! It is definitely worth the money in my opinion!
If you have dry skin, then this might not be the one for you. I have normal to combination skin, and it works very well for me! :) 

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

If you want a very natural and fresh look then this foundation is just perfect. This foundation gives your skin an amazing glow and it is so lightweighted that you can’t feel or see that you are wearing anything. Also it is so easy to work with! 
If you have dry skin you would love it! If you have oily skin I would say it will be good to apply some powder to set the foundation, because it has a tendency to look oily at times too but it’s not too oily though. 
The foundation is not full coverage but it evens out your skintone beautifully. Also it doesn’t stay for 24 hours; at the end of the day the foundation is gone. Maybe I should try using another primer, but the foundation has never been there for the whole day whenever I’ve tried it. 
The price is cheaper than the Mac Studio Fix and Nars Foundation and the finishing look is so fresh and natural so I definitely love it even though it doesn’t stay for 24 hours! It has definitely been one of my go-to foundations! 
Check out my first impression of the foundation here

Nars Foundation: Tahoe(Med/Dark2)

The Nars foundation is the latest one I’ve bought and it is full coverage yet light-weighted which is what makes this foundation special. This foundation is so far the one that matches my skintone perfectly beside the MAC ones and it has a mate finish look. The foundation has a tendency to dry quickly so you have to be quick while applying the foundation and if you have dry patches the foundation sticks to the patches which is not that pretty. Beside that it is an amazing foundation and this one definitely stays throughout the day. It is a little pricy but it is full coverage and looks fresh and natural. It’s doest feel heavy or feels like you’re wearing much.  
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Well, these 3 foundations are my current ones and I do have some other foundations I’m trying out right now which I will talk about in another post after figuring out what I think about them. 
That’s it for now guys. I hope you guys liked the post <3 Take Care <3 

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