First Impression: Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys! 
It’s finally time for a new beauty review, and this time it’s an eyeshadow palette from MakeUpRevolution. I bought two palettes: One nude palette and the other one a little bit more colorful than what I usually would ever go for. Soooo… Do I like them? To be honest; it is really hard to judge when my eyeshadow skills aren’t the best and I haven’t been much into eyeshadow until just now; but I can tell you that the metallic colors are very pigmented which is a good thing. It is easier to apply the eyeshadow with the fingers compared to with the brush. I feel like when I use my brushes the pigmentation is less than compared to when using my fingers. The shades are “ok-blendable” but I did have some difficulties blending the matte colors sometimes. Compared to the price the palettes are great I would say! I believe that they aren’t the best of all eyeshadow palettes but they aren’t bad either, I guess they are average :) 

 photo IMG_1701_zpsbshpgikd.jpg


– The metallic colors are beautiful! 
– Very pigmented when applying with your fingers
– Affordable
– Love the color combination chosen for each palette


– The matte colors aren’t that easy to blend 
– The pigmentation is not the best when using brushes :-/

 photo IMG_1706_zps9muhicdw.jpg

 photo IMG_1709_zps0slklhlo.jpg

 photo IMG_1711_zpscfte2xiy.jpg

 photo IMG_1714_zpsijq0cgh9.jpg
 I’m trying out the palettes in these two videos below. I wasn’t happy with the finishing results since applying eyeshadow is something new for me cause I haven’t been into eyeshadow until now, so bare with me ^_^ <3 *I’m working on it*

Take Care <3 ^_^


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