Berlin Cathedral

Hello guys!
We went to the Berlin Cathedral this summer holiday and I gotta say it is so beautiful. Whenever I’m traveling I love to see cathedrals and churches. They are so beautiful and peaceful and it just makes me feel good. Let me show you the pictures: 

 photo IMG_1173_zpsrnq47w28.jpg
 photo IMG_1166_zpsarlcdjov.jpg
 photo IMG_1168_zpsa19hj1al.jpg
 photo IMG_1175_zps1rx1n4ea.jpg
 photo IMG_1178_zps2dmvjf2r.jpg
 photo IMG_1190_zpsphz228p3.jpg
 photo IMG_1196_zpslhjwz2ci.jpg
 photo IMG_1202_zpsi4wfdmmp.jpg
 photo IMG_1206_zpsetcsxdcw.jpg

 photo IMG_1228_zpsgoayevqn.jpg
 photo IMG_1234_zpsm8kaz4bx.jpg
 photo IMG_1238_zpsheillo1g.jpg

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