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Hello Everyone
I didn’t have any plans beside studying this weekend so I wanted to watch a chick flick! I don’t know about you guys but I love watching chick flicks! It’s a good comfort for any girl and it can be inspiring too. So that’s why I wanted to share some of my fave movies with you guys :D *Excited* Well I didn’t want to blabber too much about every movie, so I decided to give some short comments on some of them ;)

ChickFlicks To Watch:

  1. 27 Dresses:
    One of my all time fave!! ^_^
     photo Twenty_seven_dresses_zpsh9r1ul5o.jpg
  2. A Walk To Remember:
    Omg.. How can you not love this movie? It’s the cutest movie ever
     photo A_Walk_to_Remember_Poster_zpsgy8atvit.jpg
  3. 13 going on 30:
    Love Love Love!
     photo 13Goingon30_zpsncjijemn.jpg
  4. The Vow:
     photo The_Vow_Poster_zpsetdjc59c.jpg
  5. Definetly, Maybe:
    Definetly a good one guys!
     photo Definitely_Maybe_poster_zpsleyyqrde.jpg
  6. You Again:
    THIS one is one of my all time fave! I love the story plot and it’s a movie I can watch all over again and again!
     photo You_Again_film_poster_zpsh8edngx4.jpg
  7. Letters To Juliet:
    Cute story
     photo Letters_to_juliet_poster_zpskkath1zb.jpg
  8. The Lucky One:
    Love Love!
     photo The_Lucky_One_Poster_zpsfphog2aq.jpg
  9. Raising Helen:
    Again definitely a fave! I love to see something with self development. In this movie Kate Hudson need to change from a young party girl to a more responsible kinda woman! Love it! photo Raising_helen_zpsh00hjc9w.jpg
  10. He’s Just Not That Into You:
    Yet again another good storyplot you guys ^^
     photo Notintoyouposter_zpswjqpygyt.jpg
    Oh..!! And I’m not done.. I got some more:
  11. P.S. I Love You
  12. Remember Me
  13. 50 First Dates
  14. A Cindrella Story
  15. Princess Diaries
  16. Legally Blond
  17. Mean Girls
  18. She’s the man
  19. The Proposal
  20. Sydney White

Ok. I’m just gonna stop myself here! Well there are probably a bunch of other chick flicks too but these are some of the ones I’ve enjoyed watching xD Before ending this post I would looooove to share some chick-flick moments:

 photo tumblr_nwfzfcZ3gd1s93us5o1_500_zpsz6awdhhs.gif
 photo tumblr_nuzpu2WHNd1u58bayo2_500_zpsxzlphtas.gif
 photo tumblr_npzkhpdVKd1tc0l6jo1_500_zpsq3rmkbe8.gif
 photo tumblr_nxqcg6q4RH1ud4rwdo1_500_zps9xz5hmss.gif
 photo tumblr_nrzwmhpxDY1s1xzymo1_500_zpsol2h0uep.gif
 photo tumblr_nep7plgn8r1ru4tifo1_500_zpsx0blbwiy.gif
 photo tumblr_nxewpgR4hI1qitijjo1_500_zpspa3rolit.gif
 photo tumblr_n0j8hcqx0P1ruwtx6o1_500_zps7quikdwd.gif
 photo tumblr_n0wn34KeL11qj4315o1_r1_500_zps6yedl32f.gif
 photo tumblr_niywl3wVEZ1tc0l6jo1_500_zps6kbsfhdm.gif
 photo tumblr_m5d16ovjUH1qldpbqo1_500_zpsl2arl58f.gif
 photo tumblr_mcxb4yNDDA1r9ijxto1_500_zpst44ye732.gif
 photo tumblr_n0hdnd42mm1sgnmfeo1_500_zpsxamjnvvx.gif
 photo tumblr_m9e9vtPiax1qda44so1_500_zpsu9xwiooa.gif
 photo large-3_zps2qnw9jr4.gif
 photo large_zpsymbvxqpx.gif
 photo tumblr_meqfgeHtuI1rlkf04o1_500_zpsuckv3mxb.gif
 photo tumblr_lo862fK8sB1qln62jo1_500_zps4cfjmm8f.gif
 photo tumblr_inline_nxry3cvxqq1qiuygt_500_zpshss3t2yg.gif
 photo large-14_zpszxupsddb.jpg
 photo tumblr_lwdbi4Ge0m1qmjnsgo1_500_zpscjtslx4t.jpg
 photo 2015-11-14 18.23.01_zpsczyludfj.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.12.32_zpswefl0qrz.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.22.37_zpskbh8rqkq.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.24.23_zpstjnqlqfu.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.10.57_zpsbcybdf0r.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.20.27_zpsjhbxbmmt.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.12.11_zpsa1yvsav0.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.20.36_zpszuq012kp.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.10.16_zpskdnypci2.gif
 photo 2015-11-14 18.14.35_zpsekj10faa.gif
 photo tumblr_n0m2ylmxXs1sn5h8so1_500_zpszmzveoht.gif
 photo tumblr_mjnhy9XdnZ1s4jdsdo1_500_zps39onumli.gif
What is your fave chick flick movie? I would love to know! ^_^

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