Hello, November. Surprise Me.

Hello Everyone

October is already over and I guess it has been great! It has been a tough month in a lot of ways but hey! I’m still alive right?  So it’s not THAT bad again ;)  November just begun and I’m already stressed again! If you haven’t noticed; I’m a very stressed person; I stress over every single thing (I’m working on it though). The good thing about november is… That the month after November is December which means CHRISTMAS! ^_^ Guys… I love christmas! It’s a special joy! Beside christmas I’m actually also looking forward for the New Year. It’s sad 2015 is almost over but I can’t wait to start a new year and to create new memories and get going with life! Well.. Now let’s get to the pictures I’ve been taking lately:

 photo IMG_4107_zpsqzrdmvap.jpg
 photo IMG_4136_zpsgg5kvrgd.jpg
 photo IMG_4113_zps42meun3n.jpg
 photo IMG_4117_zpsvvmmubhf.jpg
 photo IMG_4220_zpsgi7zkztw.jpg
 photo IMG_4221_zps2jhuz7pf.jpg
 photo IMG_4251_zpsssfvl6px.jpg
 photo IMG_4256_zpszdpbeuvj.jpg
 photo IMG_4293_zpsikqj6hd4.jpg
 photo IMG_4304_zps0unxtgia.jpg
 photo IMG_4307_zpsap6g3ghz.jpg

 photo 2015-11-05 23.26.56-1_zpsk3akbb6k.jpg

I’ve been on tumblr like 24/7 lately; to keep myself inspired and motivated. Here are some quotes I wanna share with you guys ^_^ <3

 photo 2015-11-03 20.47.24_zpsrn1htqde.jpg
 photo 2015-11-03 20.47.51_zpsaybg0v3m.jpg
 photo 2015-11-03 20.48.28_zpsafjqejkv.jpg

I hope you’re all doing good! Take Care <3 ^_^


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