What to do in the summer vacation?!

Hello Everyone..! ^_^

Do you know that feeling when you have school, homework and exams and there are so many other things you want to do BUT you do not have enough time?! And THEN you finally have vacation and you have no idea what you wanna do?! >_<

Well I’ve been there… I’m still kinda there ^^” I love being lazy, doing nothing, sitting in my bed, watching series and eat all day. But I know myself enough to tell you that even though it feels good I do regret it a lot of times too -_-‘ You need days like that in your life but you can’t use your whole vacation on that right?! I mean for me I can’t ^_^ So I wanted to list a few things you guys can do or I myself love to do in my vacations! It’s a combination of what I already do, what I want to do and some summer goals! ^_^ Let’s go:

  1. Hang out with friends!! Seriously that is my one of my highest priorities! I haven’t had enough time to hang with all of my friends so the first thing I decided to do in my vacation was to meet up with everyone and do some catching up xD
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  2. Cook & Eat! Well as you guys might know cooking isn’t my best skill at all so I really want to get better at cooking. To be honest I never thought I would do something about it but lately I actually feel like wanting to do something about my bad cooking skills xD You know just so I can cook a meal to my friends that tastes somehow good. I dont expect to do awesome though cause I dont really have the patience xD
  3. Read books!! I love reading books BUT I’m lazy too and I do get sleepy reading too. It’s such a bad combo but this summer I really want to read some books and relax! It’s actually a good “meditation” for your mind!
  4. Get a better lifestyle! Fitness! Changing your lifestyle doesn’t have to be all serious and strict. At least not for me and especially not in the summer vacation! BUT this summer I wanna run, go for a walk, do something active with friends and in that way stay healthy.
    The eating-part is more difficult than training. I hate being in control about what I eat but I’ll make sure to drink a lot of water and try to do some healthy cooking and eat some fruits as well xD But I’ll make sure to have fun with it at the same time!
    Getting into a healthier lifestyle might seem so hard while studying so I guess summer vacation is the right time to start working on some changes! ^_^
    IMG_9465  2015-03-11 09.27.24 2015-03-09 08.44.12
  5. Enjoy the nature! Go picnic or go to the beach or some park?! We should appreciate nature a little bit more than what we already do so why not chill outside with friends. It will give you some inner peace as well ^_^
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  6. Listen to music! Watch movies or series! Do your own little spa!? Do your nails, put on a face-mask and relaaaaaax. You should also have some “you-time” and treat yourself as good as you can.
    2014-02-24 11.20.30

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