What I’ve Been Eating // Easter Holiday

Hello guys! ^_^

Since the holiday is over, I wanna make sure to share the easter holiday moments now and not weeks later :-P As I told you in the previous post: I got to eat a lot! :D I was back at my parents’ place this holiday, which means the food was really good and mom loves to cook for me and my sister. *I should learn some cooking skills from her*. Anyways, I got to take photos of most of the food I got to eat the last few days. Very random ;) I might share the recipes on the blog one day :-P Right now, the focus is not on HOW to cook, but just more what I ate :-P hehe

 photo IMG_8619_zpsjijulrx2.jpg
 photo IMG_8642_zpsjsnpkhih.jpg
 photo IMG_8644_zpsj2oniz7e.jpg
 photo IMG_8721_zpsd7buun0k.jpg
 photo IMG_8724_zpsmffkjmlg.jpg
 photo IMG_8737_zpsuhcoklky.jpg
 photo IMG_8739_zpszg9cszpi.jpg
 photo IMG_8742_zpsujyddr1h.jpg
 photo IMG_8791_zpspr1dqzyt.jpg
 photo IMG_8792_zpsonag9nkn.jpg
 photo IMG_8797_zpswrvvtwvr.jpg
 photo IMG_8803_zpsh81yhwvp.jpg
 photo IMG_8801_zpsqoxzrpvj.jpg
 photo IMG_8960_zpsv3iwwvbb.jpg
 photo IMG_8964_zpsfjjfn381.jpg

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