LifeUpdate // Holiday

Hello guys! ^_^
The holiday is over and I just got ready to go back to my own apartment again.. Well I actually have to go directly to uni to do some group work -.- Yeah.. “Hello Monday”-.-
I gotta say this holiday has definitely been a relaxed one. I mean I’ve been so productive but yet I got to relax and eat a lot as well :-P I’ve been working a lot of on the blog, I got to do a lot of work-things and I also studies and started on my assignment. So it’s all good! :D 
I hope you all had a great easter! :D Take Care <3 
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 photo Skaeligrmbillede 2016-03-26 21.01.38_zpstio2dgca.png
 photo IMG_8784_zps2ny93ntg.jpg
Whenever I need to relax or are just bored, I tend to draw. Nothing extraordinary, just random drawings. These are a few I did this holiday. All the pictures are inspiration/ideas from :)
 photo IMG_8771_zpsvsr6jfc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8766_zpsdrl2fwee.jpg
 photo IMG_8969_zpsff4acbme.jpg

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