There is only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved

Hello guys!
It’s day 5 of my social media detox and I think I’m doing good. I’m practicing mindfulness everyday with journaling, meditation and going out for walks and enjoying the nature. The one thing I’m really bad at is eating healthy. Today it’s Sunday so I’ve decided that I can eat whatever I want. Today was actually kind of an off day so I decided I could eat whatever. Mom made some vegan snacks and we went out for McD food and then we saw a movie today. We decided to watch “Cheetah Girls” for old times sake. We actually wanted to do a whole cheetah girls marathon but we ended up stopping the movie in the middle of it and went out for a walk instead. From tomorrow I’m going on a healthy diet. I’ve told myself to at least try to eat healthy in the weekdays and then I can eat whatever I want in the weekends. So let’s see how that goes. I’m trying to add new habits every day all most. Starting with social media detox, and then eating healthy and working out. I’ve already started to properly working out for about a week now. The eating part is going to be a bigger challenge :P It was a very typical Sunday today. I was in my PJ all most all day until I went for a walk. I’ve just been chillin at home today, doing almost nothing.


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