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Hello guys!
Today’s post is going to be music related. I have no plans today and I’m just going to chill at home so I thought I would share some new music with you guys today:

I’ve been holding my breath
I’ve been counting to ten
Over something you said
I’ve been holding back tears
While you’re throwing back beers
I’m alone in bed

You know why I’m afraid of change
Guess that’s why we stay the same

So tell me to leave
I’ll pack my bags, get on the road
Find someone that loves you
Better than I do, darling I know
‘Cause you remind me every day
I’m not enough but I still stay

Young girl you better go fast
This world ain’t gonna hold back
You know you gotta own your life,

And I saw it in my dreams
I knew I’d be seventeen
Watching reality spinning around
And I saw it in my dreams
I knew life would change for me
This is reality
Look at me now

I’m a motherfuckin’ train wreck
I don’t wanna be too much
But I don’t wanna miss your touch
And you don’t seem to give a fuck
I don’t wanna keep you waiting
But I do just what I have to do
And I might not be the one for you
But you ain’t about to have no boo

‘Cause I know we be so complicated
But we be so smitten, it’s crazy
I can’t have what I want, but neither can you

You don’t say I’m pretty
Not like you used to
And I’d never admit it
I’m trying so hard for you

But all of the moments I treasure
In the morning you won’t remember
Don’t know why you can’t keep it together long enough to try

I make big things out of little things
And I watch you keep missing them
You don’t get why it’s killing me
Every time you mess this up
Set myself on fire, to keep us warm
Swear I lose my mind watching you ignore
All the little things, the little things
Mean so much more


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