“There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live a little better”

Hello out there :)
My dear friend, Veena, has allowed me to share a little bit of my life on her blog. As she has written earlier I am getting married so this is mainly what I am going to write about. But before we get into the wedding fever I think you should get to know Veena a little better :p She already wrote 10 facts about herself on an earlier post, but now you get my version of 10 facts about Veena :D


  1. She is a horrible cook. I’m sorry but it’s as true as it gets. She has promised to invite all of her friends for a dinner party that will leave us in awe – her words, not mine. And we have been waiting for the invitation ever since… ;)
  2. Veena tends to give all of her friends animal names. She believes it makes their relationship stronger? So if she calls you by your real name? Yeah, you should be worried.
  3. ‘Loyalty’ is Veena’s middle name. And I’m not exaggeration a single bit.
  4. Veena’s dad calls her at least 5 times a day to ask if she has eaten. That’s basically what all their conversations are about.
  5. You know the child that all parents compare you to because they are so well behaved? Yeah, that was Veena when we grew up! I swear she was every parent’s dream and as much as I hate to admit it – with good reason. She was the sweetest little girl. Nothing has changed there.
  6. She has so many secret talents that she refuses to share with anyone. She draws amazing sketches of people. She can sing – she can sing well! But doesn’t believe it herself. Oh, and when this girl get’s her groove on she owns the dance floor!
  8. She loves to make to-do lists and make to-do lists that say she has to do what’s on the other to-do list and then postpone her tasks to the next day just to start all over again with a new to-do list. Don’t ask me why.
  9. Veena has a younger sister, Arthana – but in practise Arthana is the older one :p
  10. A heart of gold – that’s probably the best way to describe her personality. This young lady doesn’t have an evil thought in her body. She couldn’t hurt a fly even if she was paid to do it. Her kindness is so pure that you wouldn’t believe people like her exist.

How can you not love this girl!? <3 :D This was my “short” list of Veena-facts. I’m escaping before she kills me for not doing what I was told xD

I’ll be returning soon with some wedding prep posts :D Adios!

– Delany




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