Study Kinda Days

Hello guys!
These days I’ve been studying most of the days and planning my thesis. This is only the first month of the thesis and I already feel a little stressed and overwhelmed xD And confused and lost at times as well :P
It’s harder than what I thought to find the routine, structure, discipline to study everyday and be productive when you don’t have lectures or group work as we used to. But I’m excited for my thesis and I will do my best of course. And I guess it’s part of the process to feel lost, confused and stressed and all these feelings you know. And right when you think “you got it” then you realize something and have to start all over. But again I talked with my other friends who are writing their thesis as well and they said they feel the same way and going through the same thing. So I think it’s part of doing a masters project I guess. I’m happy and excited for my project. It’s so interesting and motivating as well. And I think it is going ok for now. I just feel like I’m not doing good enough all the time, but I need to calm down. It’s only the beginning :P Anyways these days I’ve been studying and I just wanted to give you guys a lifeupdate and share some study moments with you:


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