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Hello guys! 
It’s time to catch up on the last posts from 2017. I want to start off 2018 with no “2017 posts” so I have three days to post all the posts I haven’t been able to post from 2017  :P I will do some recap posts about 2017, and they will be up in 2018 though. ;)
 A few weeks ago my friend and I went to “Brød” to study. I love to change up the environment at times. It makes me more relaxed while studying. So here we are studying at “BRØD”: 
  photo IMG_4450_zpsvkzzqmte.jpg
 photo IMG_4442_zpszd1k7jz6.jpg
 photo IMG_4446_zpstxrs1u23.jpg
 photo IMG_4449_zpsgmbklqnq.jpg
 photo IMG_4462_zpsyzaznbsj.jpg
 photo IMG_4457_zpsqsv0w6ga.jpg
 photo IMG_4464_zpsmvihbyhx.jpg
 photo IMG_4451_zpswb3pthqs.jpg
 photo IMG_4466_zpsnztmu30v.jpg
 photo IMG_4480_zpsn63ztukj.jpg
 photo IMG_4482_zpsaxfwtka3.jpg
 photo IMG_4484_zpswau0n0s9.jpg
 photo IMG_4494_zpswirbyxbb.jpg
 photo IMG_4504_zps5hlub6gb.jpg
 photo IMG_4498_zpsbdkj7n95.jpg

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