LIFE-UPDATE: Student2014 >> Congrats Sissy! # Summer Vacation # Got A Job!!

Hello guys!! :D so this is gonna be a life-update post *be prepared* xP

First of all I just wanted to let you guys know that my Sissy finally graduated high school!! CONGRATS Sissy! <3 And all the best in the future ;) <3 AND congrats to ALL the students that graduated this year :D !

Now she FINALLY got VACATION too! :D <3 which takes me to the next topic: VACATION! :D I got vacation this Monday and it feels GOOOOOOD! I’m done with the exams and can now focus on catching up on studies, relaxing, blogging, chilling with friends, working (=earning money), fitness, health, beauty, etc etc.
Uni starts again to September so I kinda have 2 months of vacation xD I haven’t planned the vacation 100 % but it’s gonna be very chill. I’m gonna work on lifestyle stuff and do my hobbies and relax ;) Thinking of it… I actually kinda only have one month vacation cause I’VE GOT A JOB!! :D

Yeah guys I’ve got a summer job! So I can’t stay home the whole vacation, I’ll be working almost everyday in August, so it’s gonna be tough BUT it’s worth the money :D So I’m actually looking forward to that :D

Anyways guys… this was a very quick update! More posts are coming soon ;)



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