Update: New Layout & change of content

Hello guys!

As you might have noticed I finally got a new layout up!! :D And this time it’s a lot more BRIGHTER! :D I really needed something WHITE and BRIGHT cause I was a little too tired of the black color style so I feel relieved and more motivated now :P I really wanted to change the layout for a while but I couldn’t find anything that I liked 100 %, until I found this one today. It’s simple and I like that’s it’s “photo portfolio”-ish :P Some of the site might be a little messy, I had to change some photos and stuff to make the layout fit right, so I’m not finished yet :P

I have some posts ready but I just need to sort some photos and stuff but they’ll soon be up.

I hope you like the layout guys! This was just a quick update about the layout so I’m gonna go work on some blogging content :D see ya! <3


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