St. Peter’s Church

Hello guys!

When we went to the vatican museums in Rome we also went to St. Peter’s Church since they are all most beside each other. St. Peter’s Church is one of the world’s largest church buildings so I was really excited to see it. I love visiting churches and temples in foreign countries. That experience is something unique every time! I didn’t get to use that much time on taking photos. I clicked quickly to get some shots but I choose to just enjoy the moment a little more ^^’

 photo IMG_9141_zpslsukrka3.jpg
 photo IMG_9144_zpsvt3p6e2n.jpg
 photo IMG_9148_zpsaljpr1lv.jpg
 photo IMG_9153_zpsnv8q5juj.jpg
 photo IMG_9171_zpsfpgg9oji.jpg
 photo IMG_9179_zpsgdkceny6.jpg
 photo IMG_9186_zpsbyh2jv6r.jpg
 photo IMG_9187_zpsdnwzjjex.jpg
 photo IMG_9195_zpsjxs9w2fa.jpg
 photo IMG_9216_zpsc5tnook5.jpg
 photo IMG_9219_zps1bkiqh3q.jpg
 photo IMG_9249_zpsbhqylsap.jpg
 photo IMG_9273_zpsbacjjigi.jpg

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