The Vatican Museums

Hello guys!

We visited the Vatican Museum in Rome which is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum contains famous sculptures and masterpieces from the Renaissance. I was really impressed of how big the museum actually was and all the masterpieces and sculptures. First of all: There were a lot! And second of all: Omg it was beautiful. I never thought I would be interested in that kind of things until now. After Rome I just wanna know more about a lot of things we have seen and been to. I don’t know a lot of about all the sculptures and masterpieces but I did enjoy being there and seeing the artwork. It was really beautiful.

 photo IMG_8927_zpstgtmtadf.jpg
 photo IMG_8931_zpscv6gpzya.jpg
 photo IMG_8932_zpsoycswcsa.jpg
 photo IMG_8940_zps7il1xl0l.jpg
 photo IMG_8944_zpsmo85qt0g.jpg
 photo IMG_8962_zpsbvebn6q7.jpg
 photo IMG_8963_zpsgv0ybpcb.jpg

 photo IMG_8965_zpsg2fac3gq.jpg
 photo IMG_8975_zpsejwmzevi.jpg
 photo IMG_8976_zpsvkihrsls.jpg
 photo IMG_8978_zpshnc0qmpm.jpg

 photo IMG_8985_zpsh6dlnjht.jpg
 photo IMG_9014_zpsxh7jquhw.jpg
 photo IMG_9020_zpssqnwfdby.jpg
 photo IMG_9037_zps9woz7q3h.jpg
 photo IMG_9038_zpsjzb1unwr.jpg

 photo IMG_9125_zpsbwpmsmkb.jpg

 photo IMG_9117_zpsf36tlcmo.jpg

This last one was mom’s favorite. She loved this piece so I had to post it too <3 ^_^

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