Rome At Night

Hello guys!

Yes, yet another Rome post :P I’m going on vacation again in three weeks and I REALLY want to finish the Rome chapter before that. I hope it’s okay with you guys! I didn’t get to update the blog while I was in Rome because the WiFi was soooooooo slow -.- so I’m trying my best to catch up on everything now!

We had a plenty of time at dinner time in Rome. Every day we found a new place to eat and then we were just chilling and this day was one of the best days at Rome I feel like. We actually didn’t do much this day but at night we were just chilling in Rome, eating snacks and ice cream and enjoying just being there and I loved it. It is nothing huge, I know, but it’s one of my favorite memories or moments from Rome. We were chilling beside this fountain and enjoying just being there and it was jut beautiful and peaceful. We got to talk a lot and take some selfies as a family and everything was just PERFECT ^_^

 photo IMG_9928_zpssco0yjm0.jpg
 photo IMG_9923_zpso4tdabhp.jpg
 photo IMG_9949_zpsy6a50re2.jpg
 photo IMG_9875_zpsuwateu5r.jpg
 photo IMG_9880_zpsopjx8xim.jpg

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