Trevi Fountain

Hello guys!

Visiting the Spanish Steps we also got to visit  Trevi Fontain. It is one of the largest well known fountain and is located in the centrum of Rome. And then I got to cross one thing off on my bucket list: To throw a coin into the fountain! I’ve watched this in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” years ago but there is this old “rumor” that if you throw a coin in the fountain over your shoulders then you will come back to Rome once again. So we all threw a coin in the fountain over our shoulders! I hope to get back there once again so let’s see :P Anyways I loved being there, it was quite exciting even though there isn’t much to do than just enjoying the fountain but that itself is something I really enjoyed! My sister and I went there twice just to chill, loved it :)

 photo IMG_9521_zpsm38a4g5c.jpg
 photo IMG_9523_zpsa4qtnpny.jpg
 photo IMG_9509_zpshszko2ij.jpg
 photo IMG_9506_zpslsxlej4y.jpg
 photo IMG_9503_zpswh0wbrna.jpg
 photo IMG_9500_zpssgpajomz.jpg
 photo IMG_9468_zpszcnmzwfc.jpg

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