Asos Wish List – July

Hello guys!

I was just surfing around at and I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces from their latest clothing. I’ve chosen 9 pieces that I would looooove to buy:

The first three pieces are totally different from each other. I love the first one which is a jacket from Adidas. I love the color and I just love how comfortable it is. The second one is from Jaded London Festival. I love the print and the color combination. Again a laidback comfortable oversized top that I would enjoy wearing. The third one is from Misguided and I love the color and the design of it. It’s very different compared to what I actually wear and I’m not sure if it is comfortable to wear for me but I do think it’s beautiful though so I had to add it to my wish list :P 

 photo 0dd4575497cefc0d87b21d6060b3b49c_zpsdve5uumo.jpg  photo 0e8ab35911a6e29b9edd87117ca297ff_zpsvgq4rk1k.jpg  photo 8eb856cea5711a87d8fdabb7ada7f139_zpspegdx8oq.jpg 
The next three are different three dresses that I love. Ok, so one of them is actually a playsuit but I thought it matched here more than the other places :P Anyways, the first dress is from French Connection and I’m in love. I love everything about this maxi dress. In general I love white dresses and I just love the design and print and everything about this one. And now to the playsuit: It’s from Boohoo and it is a petite playsuit and it is so pretty. I love the color combination and the design of the off shoulder and shorts. Also the detail with the stripes going both horizontal and vertical is kind of cool! The third one is a Warehouse Tie Detail Cold Shoulder Beach Dress and I love how simple and pretty it is. It’s such a simple piece and yet so beautiful! 

 photo 7c69eefcfc94cf3a23db94e098bc8be8_zpszhsepbdl.jpg   photo 542f20b539ddec209383156bfa6f1564_zpsgqbovlzt.jpg  photo 7346f5754139f02c37f78d46a9429903_zpshy3nbaob.jpg
The next three are very simple “basic” t-shirts that I love! They are all white and I dont know… I just think there’s something about white T-shirts :P So the first one is an Asos T-shirt and the other two are from Misguided. I love the whole “Barbie & Ken”-idea btw :P

 photo be5e47be36d2c050217a020019644747_zps7azihpqq.jpg  photo b394913e73590498e96f2ffe8884ef85_zpsc6ejmaxl.jpg  photo 7dc1b775d0746aab8970dab7ef0673cd_zps7zu4jhr2.jpg

You can see my whole Asos wish list at pinterest by clicking here




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