RandomBlogUpdate & LifeUpdate: Experimenting for “Beauty Shots”

Hello guys..!! :D

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I’m experimenting and working on taking photos since I just borrowed a new camera from a friend of mine! :D Last BlogUpdate-Post was when I worked  with taking food-photos. This time it’s “selfie” photos and random shots. Not only have I been experimenting with taking photos but also hair styles since doing different hairstyles is one of my weakest points. I wish I could do more different of hairstyles and I’m trying to work on it whenever I feel for it and have time for it :P So I got some “Beauty-Shots” for you today. I had struggle with the focus and found out a week later that I was using “Manual Focus” and that I should have used “Automatic Focus” then I wouldn’t have struggled this much :P (I haven’t edited the photos since it’s beauty shots.)

Messy me Without MakeUp:



MakeUp & Hairstyle Shots – Totally random:

IMG_7489  IMG_7548







Now to LIFE-UPDATE: I’ve been sick for almost a week -_- I got a cold so I’ve been struggling with studying while being sick. Other than getting a cold my life is just about studying, blogging, family and chilling with friends when I can. I’ve been working hard on some research for the blog and been thinking about some ideas about how to maintain my blog, but I’m gonna tell you more about those in details later :D <3

Hope you’re all doing great <3 ^_^


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