Random Simple EyeMakeUp

I was working on some outfit posts for the blog, and I honestly have no idea if it’s gonna be up or not, but I’ll see to it ;) But while doing those I managed to take some pictures of the make-up I wanted for the look. This eye make-up is pretty much my everyday-ish look, except for doing the eyebrows. That’s not something I do on daily basis, and after trying it out, I don’t think I’ll ever make it my daily basis either :P haha


1. step: without any makeup

2. step: eyeliner and eyebrows done (Eyeliner: Maybelline, Eyebrow fixer: Wet n wild)

3. step: mascara! (Maybelline <3!!)

(As you can see… I still have some lighting issues while taking the photos -_- sorry about that :P)



So yeah that’s pretty much it for the eye make-up. I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows, but I really wanna learn to experiment with it once I get time though ;) But I like to keep it simple most of the time :P heh




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