Black To Blonde Without Bleaching?! xD

My friend decided to try to dye her hair from black to brown, and wanted to try a blonde color without bleaching!?! XD And we wanted to know if that actually works since a friend of hers said it DOES. And it actually turned out to look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! <3 :D

So we used this one with LOREAL:

2014-02-25 18.50.21

Notice it says ASH blonde: It has something to do with the color pigment, so you can be sure that your hair color won’t be reddish but more brownish for black hair :D

Before picture:

2014-02-25 18.49.33 2014-02-25 18.49.04


2014-02-26 16.24.44 2014-02-26 16.24.34

Aaaand she looks stunning as always!! <3 We let the color on top stay for about 50 minutes even though the package actually don’t recommend more than 45 minutes.┬áIt was an interesting experiment, and as you can see, it turned out beautifully. <3 ^_^



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