Rainy day in Navigli

Hello guys!
I’m back with some travel posts. I will try to update you guys with all travel related posts before my next trip right before the uni semester starts. This summer holiday I feel like I’ve been experiencing a lot, creating a bunch of memories and I truly feel blessed for all the memories, laughters, lessons, everything. The good and the bad! Okay, I’m getting out of topic now :P I’m not done sharing photos from the Milan trip and I just got home from a trip to Berlin with some friends (that’s why I didn’t get to update the blog properly last week!). Anyways my summer holiday is amazing so far and I’m so excited to share everything with you guys! Today I want to share photos from when we went to Navigli in Milan. It was beautiful and a rainy day as well. It didn’t exactly look like what I saw on the pictures on pinterest but I did love the place and the atmosphere. So when we went it was raining and the weather was a little dull. I think it is way better when the weather is good but we really enjoyed chilling there and we also went to a café there to watch the soccer game and eat some snack. They have a bunch of eating places over there, I loved it! 

 photo IMG_0253_zpsacnicml5.jpg
 photo IMG_0252_zpsf9w64vft.jpg
 photo IMG_0224_zpsmknjx1hh.jpg
 photo IMG_0254_zpsajzsbwks.jpg
 photo IMG_0257_zpsreblmsta.jpg
 photo IMG_0314_zpssl0hwrmw.jpg
 photo IMG_0274_zps4ch2da0m.jpg
 photo IMG_0311_zpsjfrqfnjz.jpg
 photo IMG_0313_zpszzn5raev.jpg
 photo IMG_0153_zpssiymyss8.jpg
 photo IMG_0137_zpsjcouyf2t.jpg

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