Porta Nuova

Hello guys!
On day 2 in Milan we also went to one of the main business districts in Milan called Porta Nuova. We actually did not know what it was when we went there. We were looking for an Adidas store here since we already went to another Adidas store in one of the other shopping areas but they did not have the sneakers Arthu was looking for. We then ended up in Porta Nuova and it was so chill to hang there. We didn’t know much about the district when we were there but we were hanging out there for some hours and it was good! Also the place is beautiful and different compared to the other shopping areas we have been to in Milan: 
 photo IMG_9988_zpsce7ajmzd.jpg

 photo IMG_9963_zpsaztwa8ha.jpg
 photo IMG_9972_zpsud4f6fso.jpg
 photo IMG_9992_zpsnk2w98cw.jpg

And then some outfit shots on our way back home:
 photo IMG_0034_zpss4vznmrz.jpg
 photo IMG_0035-2_zpseczyu1og.jpg

 photo IMG_0041_zps6kd9t2oz.jpg


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