QOTD: Study Motivation

Hello guys!

I’ve kinda had an “off day” today. I had a meeting with my supervisor and then I got to take a break afterwards. The last few weeks has been a little stressful yet good. It feels good to be a little extra productive :P But it’s hard sometimes. It’s so easy to get lazy and to I easily feel less motivated or distracted, so I wanted to share some motivational quotes with you today while I’m trying to motivate myself to keep on going with studying :P

 photo b69bf8a11fbd50340441f5dcdfa9db26_zpsybtwr5gz.jpg  photo ccb26198427851ed90ea2a7925bab98c_zpsdbachkyo.jpg  photo 68eeb5bffe89699d514435ab11300a69_zps4gzejw2x.jpg  photo 49eeb7480bbbfc58c1928a5d9d36d511_zpskvkwct28.jpg  photo 5d0aeef2b03261db7e01f37cecb6bb89_zpstwhxaoun.jpg  photo 380f3aca67427442af624fec1f39932a_zps96pvemtk.jpg
 photo 39d0379766506bf6fe8aba9f5ab137a7_zps2auzv5no.jpg  photo a5748db59a161c1573c83f4906027eee_zpsqssepilx.jpg  photo e65b9d0f893942ec808ff1e652993b4a_zpswvuz6eg7.jpg
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