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Hello Everyone <3

I hope you had a good start into the new year of 2016 :D I just started 2016 off with 4 oral exams -_-‘ I have two more to go and then I’m done with this semester. I did survive the first two, so I guess the start of 2016 isn’t bad at all :D I had a lot of posts from last year I wanted to share with you guys but I changed my mind, so I thought I would sum up some of the reviews or content that I never got to post on the blog in 2015 ^_^ And I will also share some of my favorit products from 2015 too! :D Let’s go:

Ok. So you are probably getting tired of me rambling about lipsticks lately but I DO have another one for you xD This time it’s actually a lipGLOSS (In case that is helping in any sort of way). I loove this lipgloss cause it actually looks natural and very girly. The lipgloss is from Sephora and is a “Deep Rose 06”. Let me show you the gloss:
 photo IMG_5571_zpsrmspl7hk.jpg
 photo IMG_5589_zpsvqfn3grq.jpg
 photo IMG_5614_zps84hurlxg.jpg

Another beauty look I never really got to share with you guys is:

 photo IMG_5146_zpsvzsl78af.jpg

This look is very different from my usual because I always tend to use nude/brown eyeshadow colors, so it was fun to try out something else.

My Foundation Routine changes all the time. I try to figure out what works best for me and what is the easiest for me as well. At the moment I use these products:

 photo IMG_4923_zps8byjqv44.jpg
 photo IMG_4926_zpselyfkpth.jpg
 photo IMG_4924_zps5qqogghs.jpg
 photo IMG_4925_zpsauji6akf.jpg
 photo IMG_4927_zpskb36yezx.jpg
 photo IMG_4928_zpsflxixbz5.jpg

At my laziest days I don’t use foundation, but just the STUDIO FIX powder and then the Select Cover Up at times too. You can actually just go with the studio fix only, since it is a good mix between foundation and powder! :) I don’t use concealer at the moment, but it’ll probably be in my routine again some day ;)

Strobing was a huge “trend” in 2015, and for that I used the MAC highlighter you can see above, and benefit cosmetic highlighter but also this one from mac:


 MAC Strobe Cream: It’s a Strobe Cream that you can actually use all of your face to give your skin a little extra glow! ^_^

 photo IMG_9870_zpsxsf40kau.jpg

Another beauty product I’ve used a lot in 2015 is Prep and Prime from MAC: It sets your foundation very well and just your makeup in generel. And it is good to use to “refresh” your makeup as well:


Another fave is definitely the Chocolate Bar from Too Faced:



I love this eyeshadow palette! It is just perfect: The colors, the pigmentation, everything is so good! <3

There are a lot more products that I really enjoyed trying out in 2015, not to mention all mate lipsticks especially the ones from MAC and Rimmel. So these are just a few things from 2015 and some products and reviews I never got to share in 2015 :)

Well… I gotta get going with preparing for the next exams so this is what I have for now. Take Care! <3 ^_^


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