Life Lately – January

Hello guys

I’m still not done with my exams. Three exams are done, and I have one more to go. I can’t wait till get over the exams. It’s very exhausting in the long run :(
Since I have been busy with exams and my job, I don’t have anything big, but just some random shots from this month ^_^
 photo IMG_6167_zps0ykwvwhb.jpg

I’m far from being a healthy person but the one healthy thing I actually do is; Drinking a lot of water :-P
 photo IMG_6160_zpshyh6icsc.jpg
I totally forgot to post pictures from our New Year, so I have a few photos from New Year as well:
 photo IMG_6195_zpsnlfvsjm7.jpg
 photo IMG_6205_zpsud4djlxj.jpg
 photo IMG_6182_zpstj6k5w4a.jpg
 photo IMG_6184_zpsqzjksdtx.jpg
I finally got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit! I’ve been wanting this for the longest time! I got it for Christmas from Thannu!! ^^ *Yay*
 photo IMG_6217_zpsvmn35wkj.jpg
 photo IMG_6224_zpsbyn92o7g.jpg
So what else? Let’s have a loot at the instafeed atm: 
2016-01-15 23.47.22
2016-01-15 23.47.41
Take Care <3

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