Pie Kinda Day

Hello guys! 
As I’ve mentioned earlier on the blog: I’m not a big fan of the kitchen, cooking or baking. I am a big fan of eating everything though. With that said I am trying to change my attitude towards the whole kitchen,cooking and baking thing. I’m taking very small steps because I do have work, study and a bunch of other things beside cooking, but whenever I have the time I’m actually trying. *yeah I know, I’m surprised too -.-* 
A week ago or so I decided to make apple pie because it’s fall and I really wanted something yummy and I looooove apple pies! 
 photo IMG_2929_zps5ddasxnz.jpg
 photo IMG_2940_zpszjifkxhc.jpg
 photo IMG_2945_zpsgvvaxpio.jpg
 photo IMG_2962_zpsiewq7har.jpg
 photo IMG_2967_zps8ne1ifm7.jpg
 photo IMG_2970_zpsybynau94.jpg
 photo IMG_2977_zps7eycn1ei.jpg
 photo IMG_2979_zpsl65u3oqq.jpg

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