Can’t Seem To See Myself

Hi guys!

Today’s look is very simply and casual. I got this jacket from my sister and I never really posted a look with it; I have no idea why cause I love wearing it though! :D
A little life update: I’m caught up in assignments, project work and study-job as usual. I just have to hold on tight until middle of june ^_^ I’m looking forward to this summer vacation; We have a few plans for the vacation, and I also have work most of the summer vacation ^_^” Life is good as always.. and I’m stressed out with uni as always -.-*
Right now I’m back at my parents’ place. The plan was staying home at my own place cause I had too much to study, but I decided to come home and study at my parent’s place; And usually that never happens (the studying-part) but this time (since I have no choice), I’ve studied a lot!! :-D And now to the outfit:

 photo IMG_0824_zpsxaxld1y7.jpg
 photo IMG_0834_zpsxgzjpnof.jpg
 photo IMG_0822_zpse0ghckic.jpg
 photo IMG_0836_zpsax8xmwwc.jpg
 photo IMG_0835_zpszfiemqko.jpg
 photo IMG_0825_zpsdjbeaor2.jpg
 photo IMG_0828_zpsot9lotvm.jpg
 photo IMG_0857_zpsrjk7v17z.jpg
 photo IMG_0844_zpsjjr0lgpi.jpg

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