Don’t wait. The time will never be just right

Hello guys!

I’m sitting in the train working on the blog, heading back to my own place. It has been so great to be home with the family. I got to study a lot and also work a little on the blog. Usually I’m so bad at focusing on studying at my parents’ place but this time it actually went pretty good! :D As I might have mentioned; I’m stuck with an assignment that has to be done before this friday. The assignment is a little big so I need to finish it off properly. Beside programming I did work on some blogging stuff, and also have edited the photos; It’ll probably be up throughout this week! :)
The weather is finally GOOD here in DK!! The sun is here, it’s hot(I mean I dont need to wear a jacket?!), and I’m enjoying it as much as I can like going out for a walk and stuff :-P I usually say I’m not big of a “nature-lover”, but whenever I go for a walk; It’s like a mood-booster! I get so happy, positive and fresh and I feel so good about everything! :D But yeah… You never when the sun is gone again here in DK, so I’ll make sure to enjoy and appreciate it as much as possible ;) That’s it for today guys! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the weather :)

 photo IMG_2753_zpsau6plpc5.jpg
 photo IMG_2759_zpsiu0gk2kz.jpg
 photo IMG_2758_zpsbozljnlo.jpg
 photo IMG_2761_zpsgwilyxvt.jpg
 photo IMG_2763_zpsen4qkmbe.jpg
 photo IMG_2606_zpsxouzl6nx.jpg
 photo IMG_2608_zpsxhh7dmye.jpg
 photo IMG_2610_zpspxmh68xf.jpg
 photo IMG_2611_zpsgivoufai.jpg
 photo IMG_2612_zpsblhj4k71.jpg
 photo IMG_2614_zpsiybrjimj.jpg

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