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Hello guys!

It’s finally friday and I just noticed that a lot of new music have been out and I haven’t heard them all yet! I thought I would share them all with you guys, so you don’t miss them :D You might know most of them; maybe I’m the one who is just behind but let me just share it with you guys anyways :-P

My fave new song which came out TODAY is a new song from JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE :D *excited*

Also Chris Brown is out with a new song “Grass Ain’t Greener” and I love this one too! Very typical Chris Brown song, but that’s what I love about it:

Calvin Harris and Rihanna has teamed up again!! The song is called “This Is What You Came For”! I love this song! A “snippet”:

Alicia Key’s new song, “In Common”;

Rihanna – Needed Me

Azealiea Banks – The Big Big Beat

Little Mix – Hair (Not A Totally New Song.. But their MV is out! ^_^)

Will.I.Am – Mona Lisa Smile

There are probably a bunch of other songs out there too at the moment but these are the ones I stumbled over this morning! :D Enjoy the music and have a good day! <3 :D


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