New Week, New Goals, New Tasks

Good morning guys! <3

It’s a new week and I gotta start this week GOOD cause the next three weeks or just June month in generel is probably going to be hectic because of all the exams. I usually stress myself out totally in the exam period but this time I’m trying to handle it differently :P I’m trying to get enough sleep which I usually dont when I have exams coming up. Also I try to keep myself relaxed by planning, reading, writing beside preparing for the exams. Today it’s monday so I started my day off with planning and just motivating myself to be a lot productive. This week’s goal is to finish of preparing for project management. Last week I prepared for another course (still not finished though). This week it’s project management and my project report I’m focusing on. I have three exams that are close to each other so I have to prepare for all three in advance cause I only have a one to three days break between the three exams. I only have study goals this week. I am going to see if I can go to fitness everyday this week and also I’ll be updating the blog and youtube channel of course :)

(I mix the languages when I do my planning. It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to change xD)


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